an indian touch to your everyday life

traditional & contemporary


growing up outside of india i became accustomed to simple sophisticated designs being considered aesthetic. however, i remember all the joyous hours spent searching for loud and vibrant little treasures in my mother's closet... never to be worn in the end.

¨ek asha¨ means one hope or one desire, and for me that is to finally bring my two worlds together. 



i have connected with india in all it's aspects: family, culture and the sense of style of women. it created an attraction and fascination in me, and i realised it wasn't just trends or ornaments but customs and traditions beyond design- this captivated me. when I met asha, we had the same dream and force.. so we said, ¨let's do it!¨

we are two generations, two cultures and two forces united to bring you the most beautiful of the indian tradition and the celebration of womanhood.